Nvidia KeyNote Computex in Taiwan

Nvidia demonstrates absolutely insane levels of automation abilities utilizing the latest GPU acceleration.

Nvidia KeyNote Computex in Taiwan

Some highlights from the now normalized shocking advancements in AI (youtube video)

Real Time Ray Tracing Scene Creation

This used to take GPU's hours for software like blender and adobe to do, and they would work on small sets of the image independently. Because of the new AI algorithms they can infer 7 pixels from each 1 pixel that was ray traced. Without this realtime ray tracing would of been impossible.

  • In 5 years they have improved the graphics 5,000 fold.

Nvida ACE brings LLM (Large Language Model) to make Real Time Avatars.

Now you can have a deep (voice!) conversation with what used to be NPC (Non-Player Characters) as it will generate them in real time.  This avatar will have a complete back story.

How Long Till News Anchors Are Replaced?

Generative AI Combined With Structural Analysis of Any Information. Naturally this will lead to AI generative news avatar.

  • Anything is now transformable - protein to speech, image to molecule etc.
  • Speech to Song, Speed to Video can auto generated.

1600 AI Startup Companies now are partnering with Nvidia.

  • Automated factory simulation with simultaneous participation
Entire Factory is Simulated in Omniverse - before becoming real.

Adobe Speech to Blueprint Automation.

Low Hanging Fruit (Advertising)

  • Advertising is estimated globally at $522 Billion with a CAGR of roughly 13% is expected to go to $1.5 Trillion.  But AI generative ads will make producing them cost near zero. That means advertisers can spend more on buying access itself.
  • Advertising that is psychologically tailored around YOU.  Yes AI will do a completely profile on you as a individual customer - understand what you want and like and then generate custom advertisements tailors for the highest emotional response.

Fractally AI- Generative Games

  • Games that adapt to the psychology of the player itself generatively unique to each individuals desire and taste.

Artificial News Anchors.

  • Are already here.
Video: Realistic newscasts feature AI-generated anchors disparaging the US | CNN Business
CNN’s Selina Wang investigates the campaign of anti-US deepfake newscasts sent out by pro-China bot accounts on Twitter and Facebook, though their origin is unknown.
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