OpenOffice Math Formula Primer

In this very simple primer we go over producing visual equations in the openoffice suite of tools.

OpenOffice Math Formula Primer
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

If you have ever wanted a simple equation maker consider OpenOffice's math option.

Selecting the math option (math formula)

On the left is a list of starter options for developing the initial state of your formula:

For instance we will start with a simple Power equation.

Selecting the over box :

In the bottom right we will see it templates and show's its lexical format:

That we can modify as in:

And the resulting equation shows up in the formula box. We can modify the visual of the equation.

Adding symbols can be done by selecting the symbol menu:

It will insert the appropriate code text as in:

Writing a multiple line formula as in:

Is simply done by:

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