Israel to Receive 8-ExaFlop AH-100 Nvidia AI-Generative SuperCluster

Israel to Receive 8-ExaFlop AH-100 Nvidia AI-Generative SuperCluster

Israel to Receive 8-ExaFlop AH-100 Nvidia AI-Generative SuperCluster

Hold all the meetings you want. Quit your job if it makes you feel better.  If you banned AI in the US it will be built in China..

Or Saudi Arabia..

Or Israel...

Imagine the research and development time for a new disruptive technology being reduced from years, to months, then weeks, and shockingly ..  days.  Banning AI is like banning indoor plumbing or electricity because it disrupted the horse cart and the Amish.  It's naive ignorance.  Countries that realize this and implement it are going to literally leapfrog the nations that resist or ignore it. Israel gets it.

The point being realized if you spend any time thinking about what is happening - is simply that this cannot (and will not) be stopped. If AI advances upsets the public enough - it will simply continue behind closed doors or in offshore locations. The public will not have access. In other words we can have the 'have-AI' super elite and the 'have-nots' via our protests against it. It is better for the public to have it - like internet as a human right than to protest it and simply exclude themselves from its benefits.

So once everybody can get their heads around the fact that they have only the option of participating in it or not - they can adapt and prepare for the coming super automation to hit the work place, the stock market, the economy - everything. In fact if they were really switched on they would lobby not to stop AI - but for democratic access to it.

Looking at the metrics of these super AI servers - we can see that 32 Petaflops of compute power will fit in the single super-card you see above:

So what does that mean?  This single box of compute power exceeds #16 on the Top500 - an entire 256,000 core computer cluster residing at Argonne National Laboratories at 25 Petaflops.

The advances are moving ahead on so many fronts. Consider:

  • AI is designing AI chips.
  • While Israel gets a 32 million Cuda core 8-Exaflop Super AI, NVIDIA itself will build a 18-Exaflop AI.
  • ZetaFlops are now probably only 2-5 years out. AI pictures. No Try AI generative movies.
  • The human mind itself is now being measured and guesstimated - with estimates putting it's 'computative performance'  at 11 PetaFlops (or higher.)  If  the human minds performance is 11 Petaflops,  the 18 Exaflop computer that Nvidia is about to build will perform as1600 human minds - the only difference is this thing thinks millons of times faster.  Naturally the human mind is still far more advanced in fuzzy adaptive learning environments such as learning a new object, but this gap closes constantly.

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